Nous soutenons la responsabilité sociale des entreprises

A key challenge for businesses and society

CSR, sustainable development lived at the level of companies, has been identified as a key challenge at the dawn of the Green Deal and the climatic and societal challenges facing the world (global warming, loss of biodiversity, depletion of natural resources, increasing inequalities, etc.).

As a founding member in 2007 of the Institut National pour le Développement durable et la Responsabilité sociale des entreprises (INDR), the Chamber of Commerce has been actively involved for years in promoting CSR at all levels of society and in its internal organisation, and has been supporting Luxembourg companies in their transition towards more sustainable operating models.

The 4 pillars of our CSR strategy

The CSR strategy of the Chamber of Commerce is based on four pillars corresponding to the main strategic priorities of the Chamber of Commerce:

  1. Go CSR: Sustainable Business
    Actions to guide and support businesses in their goal of sustainable transformation.
  2. Community
    Partnerships and actions aimed at contributing positively to the development of society.
  3. People
    Actions for the professional development of employees and their employability, well-being and diversity and equality.
  4. Planet
    Actions for the preservation of resources and to face environmental challenges such as climate change.

Consult the Chamber of Commerce's carbon footprint for the past year.

CSR labels

The Institut National pour le Développement durable et la Responsabilité sociale des entreprises (INDR) offers interested companies two labelling options:

  • the "ESR" label: this allows company managers to structure, formalise and promote their social responsibility initiatives in order to create shared value for them and for society,
  • the "Responsibility Europe" label: by obtaining the ESR label, you can also obtain this European label.

For more information

Companies interested in receiving more information on CSR can contact:

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