Our plenary assembly

The Chamber of Commerce consists of a plenary assembly composed of 25 members elected for 5 years, divided into 6 electoral groups. It is the ultimate decision making body of the Chamber of Commerce and represents the whole of the membership. The plenary assembly establishes the internal organisation of the Chamber of Commerce and designates the Director General whose nomination is subject to the approval of the government.

The distribution of seats in the plenary assembly :

The plenary assembly may delegate some of its powers to the President and the Bureau of the Chamber of Commerce, which is composed of the President, Luc Frieden, and four Vice-Presidents, namely Marc Lauer, Valérie Massin, Alain Rix and Mariane Welte, elected by the plenary assembly.

The Executive committee, chaired by the Director General, ensures the day-to-day management of the Chamber of Commerce.

The plenary assembly also appoints, for a period of 5 years, the following specialised commissions. These committees are chaired by an elected member designated by the plenary assembly and assisted by the services of the Chamber of Commerce. They report regularly on their activities to the plenary assembly.

Our organization chart