I want to set up or invest in Luxembourg

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg means discovering a country with amazing diversity and exceptional opportunities.

Welcome to Luxembourg !

Luxembourg is a small country (2,586 km2), but with a dynamic economy and a recognised quality of life with a high sense of security.

Its location in the heart of Europe, the coexistence of nationals from 175 countries, the multilingualism of its population and its status as a Grand Duchy make Luxembourg a unique country.

A dynamic country and a recognised quality of life

Throughout its history, the country has developed economic policies that favour innovation and the development of new activities. Located between France, Belgium and Germany, the country has become an important European centre for business, research and innovation.

An open and internationalised economy

Due to its size and small domestic market, companies are encouraged to think internationally in most of their decision-making processes. This characteristic and the presence of countless international workers make Luxembourg one of the most open economies in the world.

The Chamber of Commerce and Luxinnovation work together with the Ministry of Economy to promote innovation, support international growth and attract foreign direct investment. Their coordinated work is brought together in a common platform: www.tradeandinvest.lu.

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A favourable environment for business and investment

Thanks to the strong political will to diversify the economy and a generally favourable business climate, Luxembourg has over the years become an attractive location for companies wishing to invest in the development of their activities.


A gateway to the European market
- 1 market, 27 countries
- 445 million consumers
- 4th largest globalised economy in the world

A business-friendly environment
- The most open country for business in the world
- Simplified procedures for setting up a business
- Business-friendly legal and administrative regulations

High social and political stability
- One of the best performing GDPs in the world
- AAA for strong macroeconomic fundamentals
- Ranked 8th most resilient economy in the world

Multilingual and skilled workforce
- Ranked 1st in the world for highly skilled employment
- Ranked 1st in the EU for average number of languages spoken
- Ranked 8th in the world in competition for talent

Outstanding digital infrastructure
- 3rd best connectivity in the EU
- High performance computing capacity
- Advanced cyber security expertise

Efficient logistics platforms
- Multimodal transport platform
- 6th largest air freight hub in Europe
- 60% of the EU's GDP within reach in one day of trucking

Innovation and export subsidy
- Start-up acceleration programme
- R&D and innovation aid
- Government loans and export credits

An inclusive and multicultural society
- Most international country in the EU
- 3rd most inclusive economy in the world
- Many international schools

A safe and welcoming country with a high quality of life
- 4th safest country in the world for expatriates
- One of the best health care systems in the world
- Rich cultural and gastronomic heritage

Who can help me ?

  • The Trade and Invest information plateform

    The tradeandinvest.lu website is the joint platform of the Chamber of Commerce, Luxinnovation and the Ministry of Economy to inform companies interested in investing, innovating and internationalising their activities from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
  • International Affairs Team of the Chamber of Commerce
    The International Affairs advisors offer Luxembourg companies assistance in developing their business internationally. Discover all services and book a meeting with an advisor.


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