Relation Ecole

Prepare young people for their future professional life and sow the seeds of entrepreneurship

In a context where the guidance and professional integration of young people are major priorities in the Grand Duchy, the strengthening of dialogue between public and private actors plays an essential role in Luxembourg society.

Convinced that the implementation of a strong school-business relationship is the responsibility of everyone - pupils, parents, teachers, company managers, economic players - the Chamber of Commerce organises several activities to bring the economic and educational worlds closer together.

Workshops for secondary school students

Through two workshops, the Chamber of Commerce offers students help in career orientation:

  • "The two-in-one workshop" which consists of "The Luxembourg economy - Did you know?" on the one hand and "Entrepreneurship - Ready for business?" on the other. While the first workshop aims to introduce them to all the facets and priorities of the Luxembourg economy while introducing them to the basics of an economic culture that can serve them throughout their schooling and their professional career, the second workshop makes them aware of business creation and informs them about the possibilities and opportunities offered by entrepreneurship.

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  • The "Matinée Création d'entreprise - Pitch your business" gives an introduction to the steps involved in setting up a business and includes a workshop "Why become self-employed?" with a particular focus on the advantages and constraints of choosing a career as a self-employed person, the business idea and financing a business.

    After the discussions, the students will work in small groups with the help of an advisor to structure their ideas defined beforehand during a brainstorming session and to make them understand the interest of a reflection like the Business Model Canvas (BMC). A pitch of their BMC in front of the other students with constructive comments will close this morning.

    If you are interested, please contact our team: ree(at) or consult our flyer by clicking here.

A national platform, initiated by the Service de la Coordination de la Recherche et de l'Innovation pédagogiques et technologiques (SCRIPT) in partnership with the Direction générale des Classes Moyennes, brings together all the partners who propose initiatives to promote entrepreneurship in schools in Luxembourg. For more information, please visit their website by clicking here.

Teachers meet businesses - introduce teachers to the economic sectors of the future

The "Teachers meet businesses" seminar, organised by the Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with the IFEN (Institut de formation de l'Education nationale), is aimed at secondary school teachers who are interested in the professional and personal development opportunities for their pupils in Luxembourg companies. The seminar introduces teachers to the promising sectors of the Luxembourg economy, on the one hand, and to the qualifications and qualities sought by companies active in these promising sectors, on the other.

"Teachers meet businesses" is an initiative that aims to develop a close and friendly relationship, and a constructive exchange, between the school and the business world. Teachers are strengthened in their ability to prepare young people for the labour market, young people are equipped with the keys to their future success and businesses benefit from young candidates who are aware and motivated. A win-win scenario for all stakeholders!