We protect the interests of businesses and the Luxembourg economy

As a professional chamber, bringing together companies from all economic sectors - except for crafts and agriculture - the Chamber of Commerce sees its role in defending the interests of companies and the economy.

Leading institution for businesses and the Luxembourg economy

The Chamber of Commerce is the flagship institution of Luxembourg's businesses and economy and brings together all companies operating in the sectors of industry, commerce, banking and finance, services, insurance and the hotel and catering industry.

In fulfilling our mission of general economic interest, we are committed to creating value :

  • for Luxembourg companies by defending their interests and providing - directly or through specialised entities - a range of services to support them throughout their life cycle and enable them to increase their competitiveness, meet the challenges of the future and develop and sustain their activities.
  • for Luxembourg society by contributing to strengthening the attractiveness of the Grand Duchy as a dynamic, prosperous and sustainable economic centre and source of well-being for all.

We protect the interests of businesses and the Luxembourg economy

The protection of the interests of businesses and the Luxembourg economy is the main mission of the Chamber of Commerce. In order to enable it to fulfil this mandate, the legislator has given it the status of a public institution and has endowed it with important prerogatives.

As membership of professional chambers is compulsory in Luxembourg, the Chamber of Commerce can claim to be very representative. It currently has 90,000 members, corresponding to 75% of total salaried employment and 80% of Luxembourg's GDP, which makes it the largest professional chamber representing employers in the country. It groups all Luxembourg companies, except those belonging to the craft and agricultural sectors.

The Chamber of Commerce represents :

From this strong representativeness, desired by the legislator, the Chamber of Commerce draws its legitimacy to operate as the spokesperson and legal representative of the interests of its members. Through its actions, initiatives and positions, the Chamber of Commerce always seeks the collective interest of its members. It only takes sectoral interests into account if they are not detrimental to the interests of all its members.

Our missions according to the amended law of 26 October 2010

The amended law of 26 October 2010 on the reorganisation of the Chamber of Commerce assigns it the following tasks in particular:

  1. We are committed to a business-friendly legal framework
  2. We support the creation and development of companies and startups
  3. We promote economic and trade relations with foreign countries
  4. We work towards an education system and training offer adapted to the country's challenges and the needs of business
  5. Act as a service provider to businesses and the public
  6. Informing the public and leading the debate as an independent partner and spokesperson for the economy and business

Each of these missions takes the form, on the one hand, of the provision of a series of services and, on the other hand, of reflection and the drafting of proposals. The Chamber of Commerce subjects all its positions, initiatives and actions to the triple test of the economic, social and environmental aspect in the perspective of a sustainable development of the country and its economy.


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