I want to digitalise my business

The challenges of digital transformation affect all businesses. The Chamber of Commerce supports their digitalisation efforts with personalised support and customised services.


The digital revolution impacts all companies and their survival depends on their ability to transform and reinvent themselves in this new digital paradigm.


To keep companies on track and to support them in their digitalisation efforts, the Chamber of Commerce via its House of Entrepreneurship supports and accompanies companies in order to help them establish their future digital strategies.

This support is provided through :

  • A diagnosis and orientation towards the right contact in terms of digitalisation
  • Awareness raising with numerous workshops conducted by experts
  • Assistance in implementing digital solutions in partnership with Luxinnovation through the Fit 4 Digital Packages


For the diagnostic phase followed by the implementation phase, the Chamber of Commerce relies on the "Fit 4 Digital Packages" programme, specially designed to support SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises with less than 50 employees) in their digital transition by implementing a tailor-made solution.

In addition, the House of Training, a training organisation of the Chamber of Commerce and the ABBL, offers specific training in this field.

For any trader seeking to increase his visibility and presence online, the Chamber of Commerce is a partner of Letzshop.lu, the national platform for online commerce.

Fit 4 Digital Packages

During their digitalisation process, companies can benefit from various financial aids from the Ministry of the Economy, Directorate General for the Middle Classes. Within the framework of the "Fit 4 Digital Packages", SMEs receive a pre-analysis and support from the House of Entrepreneurship's digitalisation department, leading to the choice of a specific package: digital marketing, customer management, organisational management. The expertise of the official service providers will then allow the implementation of a digital tool which will be supported by a digital voucher of up to EUR 5,000 from the Ministry of the Economy, Directorate General for the Middle Classes.

Who can help me ?

  • House of Entrepreneurship

    The House of Entrepreneurship brings together all the stakeholders involved in the value chain of business creation in Luxembourg and offers a range of services to businesses throughout their life cycle (information on business creation, development and transfer, digitalisation, financing and networking). Contact us by e-mail at digital@houseofentrepreneurship.lu ou or by phone at +352 42 39 39 840.

  • House of Training

    Created in 2015 by the Chamber of Commerce and the Association of Banks and Bankers, Luxembourg (ABBL), the House of Training's main mission is to offer multi-sectoral continuing professional training in a wide variety of fields. As a reference partner in the field of continuing professional development, the House of Training assists and advises companies, their managers and their employees in the development of their skills and knowledge in order to prepare them for the challenges of the future. Contact us by e-mail at customer(at)houseoftraining.lu or by telephone at +352 46 50 16 1.

  • Keyjob 

    Founded in 1987, Key Job has been providing training in IT and more recently in personal development for over 30 years. The training organisation specialises in computer courses and offers a range of products from traditional office automation courses to multimedia systems and high-level technical courses. Key Job's mission is to help Luxembourg companies acquire the skills they need to succeed in the digital transformation of their activities and processes. Contact us : info@keyjob.lu or by phone +352 49 06 09 1.


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