I want to develop my business

The Chamber of Commerce and its two Houses of Entrepreneurship and House of Startups offer a wide range of services to support entrepreneurs at every stage of their business throughout their entrepreneurial journey.


Once you have set up your business, one of your main challenges is to develop it and make it sustainable.

A business can grow by diversifying its activity, expanding its geographical area, even going international, increasing its workforce, etc.

That is why, before taking any decisions, it is essential to ask yourself the right questions and define the actions to be taken to achieve your objectives.

In order to answer these questions, the House of Entrepreneurship guides and accompanies you throughout your entrepreneurial journey, thanks to its services dedicated to the development of your business, you can take stock of your current situation and benefit from free and tailor-made support according to your needs.

I want to take stock of my business

Before even thinking about developing your business, the first step is to take stock of your activity. On the one hand, by making a complete diagnosis of your current situation and on the other hand, by identifying and prioritising your objectives.

Below are some important questions to ask yourself:

  • Have you defined your company's strengths and weaknesses?
  • How is your company positioned in the current market?
  • How do you differentiate yourself from the competition?
  • What are the values of your company?
  • What is your financial situation?

To help you, the House of Entrepreneurship offers a 360° check-up to answer all these questions and prioritise your future actions through tailor-made advice and support.

I would like to redefine my strategic priorities

The life cycle of a company can sometimes be complex and involve many twists and turns. The uncertain environment in which businesses operate requires them to constantly readjust, which in turn requires constant questioning.

The House of Entrepreneurship enables business leaders wishing to develop, optimise, turn around, sell or terminate their business to take stock of their situation in order to determine the priority actions to be implemented.

Through its awareness workshops, you will have the opportunity to discover new strategic tools to implement within your company.

Contact us by e-mail at support@houseofentrepreneurship.lu or by telephone on +352 42 39 39 850.

I want to benefit from the experience of other entrepreneurs

Sharing experiences and a good knowledge of the Luxembourg market are also essential to ensure the development of your business. Being able to benefit from the experience of another entrepreneur can indeed prove to be a valuable asset in developing one's business more quickly.

In order to encourage these exchanges, the ASBL Business Mentoring Luxembourg offers a mentoring programme whose objectives are to facilitate and secure the activity of a company, to "break" the frequent isolation of the manager, to increase his or her managerial skills and to encourage the decision-making process, to encourage the transfer of experience between company managers, to provide an outside view of the strategy and the means of deploying it, and thus to significantly increase the survival rate of companies.

Through free group coaching workshops, organised in collaboration with the House of Training, you can also work on your business growth strategy while exchanging with other entrepreneurs and managers who are in a similar situation.

I want to finance the growth of my business

In addition to the reimbursable loans granted by the Mutualité de Cautionnement or the SNCI, is a wide range of public aid in the Grand Duchy, offered to companies and investors.

However, this aid is multiple and can vary greatly depending on the activity of the company. This is why the interested manager is invited to contact the House of Entrepreneurship of the Chamber of Commerce in order to identify the aid from which the company could benefit.

In addition to external financing and state aid, the development of the business also involves optimising your cash flow and profitability. With the same turnover, by optimising your costs, you can for example increase your profit, and therefore your profitability. The House of Entrepreneurship can help you with this analysis.

Contact us by e-mail at support@houseofentrepreneurship.lu or by telephone on +352 42 39 39 850.

I would like psychological support

We can all be affected by psychological distress in our working lives: a time of intense stress, burnout, a period of change or psychological fragility. For others, it may be a feeling of anxiety after decommissioning or a conflict in the workplace. In all these cases, a psychological support service can help the person concerned to be listened to and supported. The service provides support tailored to the person suffering and helps them to improve their psychological health and continue to develop their business satisfactorily.

To support you in your endeavours, the House of Entrepreneurship, through its dedicated development service, offers you free support from an external expert according to your needs.

Who can help me ?

At each of these important stages of a business project, the Chamber of Commerce can support the entrepreneur or project leader with advice and personalised assistance. The Chamber of Commerce also works closely with a number of partners who offer services in the field of business creation and development:

  • House of Entrepreneurship

    The House of Entrepreneurship brings together all the stakeholders involved in the value chain of business creation in Luxembourg and offers a range of services to businesses throughout their life cycle (information on the creation, development and transfer of businesses, digitalisation, financing, networking or export document management). It now welcomes entrepreneurs in Luxembourg-Kirchberg, Mondorf-les-Bains and Esch-sur-Alzette. The partners of the House of Entrepreneurship accompany you during your entrepreneurial journey.
  • Mutualité de Cautionnement

    Housed within the House of Entrepreneurship, the Mutuallity-loan Guarantee Fund aims to compensate for the lack of guarantees in small and medium-sized businesses by granting a guarantee to entrepreneurs. It can act as guarantor with approved credit institutions when the guarantees provided by the entrepreneur prove to be insufficient. Contact us by e-mail at cautionnement@houseofentrepreneurship.lu or by telephone on +352 42 39 39 878.
  • SNCI

    The Société nationale de Crédit et d'Investissement (SNCI) is a banking institution under public law. It specialises in medium and long-term financing for Luxembourg companies by granting them start-up loans, equipment loans, innovation loans and equity loans.

  • Business Mentoring ASBL

    Business Mentoring Luxembourg has been pursuing an active support policy for small and medium-sized enterprises since 2010, with the support of the Chamber of Commerce and other partners in the Luxembourg economy, with a view to facilitating the start-up, takeover or development of these companies. Contact us by e-mail at info@businessmentoring.lu or by phone at +352 621 520 330.

  • House of Training

    Created in 2015 by the Chamber of Commerce and the Association of Banks and Bankers, Luxembourg (ABBL), the House of Training's main mission is to offer multi-sectoral continuing professional training in a wide variety of fields. As a reference partner in the field of continuing professional development, the House of Training assists and advises companies, their managers and their employees in the development of their skills and knowledge in order to prepare them for the challenges of the future. Contact us by e-mail at customer(at)houseoftraining.lu or by telephone at +352 46 50 16 1.


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