Salzburg Summit Brexit talks: Priority #1 = ensure an orderly Brexit


Prepare for Brexit

A new EUROCHAMBRES paper today conveys a simple message to EU27 Heads of State for their Salzburg Summit talks on Brexit later this week: focus on finalizing the UK Withdrawal Agreement to ensure an orderly Brexit and transition phase. With the clock ticking, the paper also demonstrates the efforts behind the scenes by Chambers to prepare thousands of businesses that trade with the UK for Brexit and for the possibility of a no-deal scenario.

With only six months to go until the end of the Article 50 negotiation period, EUROCHAMBRES’ new ‘On track for a Trade-Oriented Brexit?’ paper underlines the lack of progress in the eyes of businesses and their growing levels of concern. “Just as Nero played the violin while Rome burned, businesses sense that some politicians are oblivious to the economic damage that is being caused by Brexit uncertainty”, said EUROCHAMBRES President, Christoph Leitl. “Our message to EU27 leaders in Salzburg is clear: the priority must be to finalize the Withdrawal Agreement and ensure an orderly Brexit. Everything else must wait.”

The paper also sets out how Chambers are helping to prepare businesses across the EU27 for a no-deal Brexit. This is not an easy process given the lack of clarity on both the outcome and the timing. “With the likelihood of a no-deal scenario growing by the day, Chambers are helping their member businesses to prepare for the worst,” added President Leitl.

EUROCHAMBRES’ new paper also urges EU leaders to remain steadfast and united in their defence of the integrity of the single market.

Concluding on an optimistic note, President Leitl said: “Once the Withdrawal Agreement is finalised, we must work towards securing future relations which allow the UK the political sovereignty that it seeks, while preserving strong economic and commercial ties. Chambers would be delighted if the UK were ultimately to remain in the single market and a customs union and I remain convinced that this is a viable outcome.”


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EUROCHAMBRES’ Position paper ‘On track for a Trade-Oriented Brexit?’, of 18 September 2018: