Discover the cross-border digital testbed for autonomous and connected driving



Extending 215 km across France, Germany and Luxembourg, the cross-border digital testbed for autonomous and connected driving is a perfect example of a pioneering partnership between three neighbouring countries. The testbed offers industry and academia an opportunity to test innovative mobility solutions on public roads with several border crossings on the same day.

The testbed successfully addresses the complexity of cross-border connectivity and infrastructure, taking into account legal, economic and social considerations. It connects the south of Luxembourg with Metz in France and Merzig in Germany, and offers developers of technologies for automated and connected driving as well as of related mobility services the opportunity to conduct tests in real-life traffic environment. A wide range of testing conditions includes high-speed zones, tunnels, tolls, border crossings, road works, road marking, traffic density, navigation, uninterrupted cellular networks, navigation and road safety.

Cross-border connectivity

Crossing borders, or driving along a border, is a particular challenge for automated and connected cars that have to switch from the mobile network of one country to that of another. 5GCroCo, one of the first projects using the testbed, will test how this can be improved by using 5G technology. 5G connectivity is currently being implemented on the testbed.

The testbed is a technology neutral open innovation platform serving the world's leading smart mobility innovators. The three countries are working together on mutually recognised testing authorisations for the area covered by the testbed.

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