Cyber resilience act – The European Commission asks your feedback



Digital products and ancillary services create opportunities for EU economies and societies, but they also lead to new challenges. When everything is connected, a cybersecurity incident can affect an entire system, disrupting economic and social activities.

The European Commission presented on 15 September 2022 a proposal for a regulation on cyber security requirements for products with digital elements (“Cyber Resilience Act”).

The Cyber Resilience Act aims to address market needs and protect consumers from insecure products by introducing common cybersecurity rules for manufacturers and vendors of tangible and intangible digital products and ancillary services.

Cyber Resilience Act is focusing in four specific objectives:

  • ensure that manufacturers improve the security of products with digital elements since the design and development phase and throughout the whole life cycle; 
  • (ensure a coherent cybersecurity framework, facilitating compliance for hardware and software manufacturers; 
  • enhance the transparency of security properties of products with digital elements, and
  • enable businesses and consumers to use products with digital elements securely. 

The European Commission would like to hear your views.

The proposal is open for feedback to public. All feedback received will be summarised by the European Commission and presented to the European Parliament and Council with the aim of feeding into the legislative debate. Feedback received will be published on the web site of the European Commission.

If you have an interest in this proposal and wish to provide your view, the act is opened for feedback on the Commission’s site, here below (Feedback button). In order to contribute you'll need to register or login using your existing social media account.