Startup Corner 20 : Raphael Steil – Getquin

We are back from summer break with the Luxembourgish entrepreneur Raphael Steil who founded his financial technology (FinTech) startup in Berlin where he’s still active. With his startup GetQuin, he wants to become the social media platform of finance where you can exchange ideas about your investments and improve yourself. 

Raphael also explains to us why he thinks that founding a startup is better than any studies and why you have to commit to 100% if you want to be successful. You will also find out in this episode of the Startup Corner Podcast why he compares a startup team with a football team!


The ‘Startup Corner’ is a monthly podcast in Luxembourgish about startups and innovation in Luxembourg, presented by the House of Startups powered by the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce and supported by the SCRIPT.