Practical guide - Becoming an entrepreneur: from idea to launch, having a clear vision

Practical guides

A successful business is always the result of prior reflection, preparation and work, all made up of interconnected ingredients that form a coherent whole. This can be defined as the “company vision”.

Few people who start projects realise the importance of this at the outset. Of course, it is not easy to think of everything when you become self-employed and have to juggle managing finances, people, sales and strategy. Diving headfirst into a new business often culminates in errors that could easily have been avoided at the creation stage if the entrepreneur had anticipated the pitfalls that could appear along the way and answered some fundamental questions.

The Chamber of Commerce has decided to devote one edition of its Practical Guides to the pre-creation phase of a business, to enable project owners to work on their idea and their entrepreneurial posture, to develop their concept and to define their project before launching their business. It provides explanations, advice, useful contacts, testimonials…

The guide is bilingual French/English and is available here