The new podcast "Le café des économistes"

Economy and Finance
Chambre de Commerce

Strengthening the competitiveness of companies and the economy in general is one of the main missions of the Chamber of Commerce. It does this through its proposals to public authorities, the production of analyses on key aspects of competitiveness and by acting as an institutional partner in the world's leading rankings on the subject.

In 2022, the Chamber of Commerce launched a series of cycles dedicated to improving competitiveness via a participatory process involving the driving forces of the Luxembourg economy: the "Competitiveness Workshop".

In this context, it has recently published the final report of the Competitiveness Workshop dedicated to eco-innovation, which aims at developing innovation in the environmental field of Luxembourg's economic actors.

In the first episode of the new podcast "Le café des économistes", recorded in partnership with the Lëtzebuerger Journal, the authors of this study relate, together with the CEO of Peintures Robin Gérard Zoller, the original and participative process of the Workshop, their meetings with eco-innovators and the green innovations made in Luxembourg.

In a 2nd episode, the podcasters will come back on their tracks to accelerate the development of eco-innovation in Luxembourg.

Listen to the 2nd episode