5th Luxembourg-Poland Business Conference

Jeudi 29 Fév 2024

Conférence / séminaire
Commerce extérieur
Go International

Jeudi 29 Fév 2024

9 am - 4.15 pm

Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce


The Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce would like to draw your attention to the 5th Luxembourg-Poland Business Conference which takes place in the Chamber's premises on 29 February 2024. Titled PLLUS – Poland Luxembourg Synergies in Cybersecurity, the conference will dive into the crucial theme of cybersecurity in the financial sector.

This conference is organised by the Luxembourg-Poland Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with partners including the Embassy of Poland in Luxembourg, the Embassy of Luxembourg in Poland, Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, the Polish Investment & Trade Agency and the Luxembourg House of Cybersecurity.

At the heart of cybersecurity discussions lies the constant battle against evolving threats. It’s not just about preventing breaches but also about continuously fortifying defenses, identifying vulnerabilities, and proactively responding to emerging risks.

The Luxembourg-Poland Business Conference aims to delve into these pressing issues, exploring strategies, best practices, and collaborative efforts between Poland and Luxembourg to bolster cybersecurity resilience in the finance sector.

Join us for engaging panel discussions, cutting-edge presentations, and expert insights into cybersecurity challenges and advancements. Explore practical applications in cybersecurity from leading businesses and universities in Poland and Luxembourg.

More information about the conference is availbale HERE.