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The Chamber of Commerce, IMS (Inspiring More Sustainability) and the INDR (National Institute for Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility) present the first panorama of sustainable development in Luxembourg. This survey establishes the state of play of the implementation of sustainable measures within companies. 

The CC, IMS and INDR have joined forces and mobilised their resources to create the first panorama of sustainable development in Luxembourg. The survey is aimed at Luxembourg companies and aims to draw up an inventory of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility (CSR) in companies. 

The social and environmental transformation of companies is a major contemporary challenge. The project partners have had the opportunity to survey Luxembourg companies on this theme to provide the necessary support for their transition and their steps in favour of sustainable development. The development of a joint survey appeared required to highlight good practices, identify the difficulties encountered by companies and collectively understand the challenges ahead. 

The key results of the survey

The survey was conducted from 30 May to 17 June 2022 among 584 Luxembourg companies representative of the economic fabric.

It shows that CSR is applied by more than 40% of Luxembourg companies and that it is a theme that companies are taking into account for the future. The overview shows that the higher the number of employees, the more advanced and applied the CSR strategy. Few companies have appointed a person dedicated to this activity. Two-thirds of the companies surveyed have a sustainable development approach driven by the will of management.  

Companies consider image and customer positioning primary importance when formalising a CSR strategy. Nevertheless, few companies communicate this to the public.

Finally, allocating a specific budget for sustainable development remains low; all sectors have taken it together. The implementation of a sustainable development strategy requires human and financial resources.

A promising step forward for companies on the road to sustainable development

CSR is a concept envisaged in the future by 71% of companies. Three out of four companies have formalised or plan to formalise their sustainable development strategy. Another promising result is that companies' commitment to sustainable development should more or less double in the next three years.  

Suppose one of the only obstacles is financial. In that case, the panorama shows that half of the companies need information and training on sustainable development regarding financial aid, tools, support, training and good practices. 

Given these results, it is therefore essential to raise awareness among companies and make information more accessible on what exists in Luxembourg,

The survey will be repeated every year and establish a regular inventory of sustainable development in companies in Luxembourg to analyse the evolution of the results and the maturity of Luxembourg companies on CSR. The results will offer optimised support to companies according to their needs and progress in this area.

A digital report containing the survey results is available on the Chamber of Commerce, IMS and INDR. 

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The Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce is the flagship institution of Luxembourg's businesses and economy and brings together all companies operating in the sectors of industry, commerce, banking and finance, services, insurance and catering. It has been actively committed for years to promote CSR at all levels of society and in its internal organization and supports Luxembourg companies in their transition to more sustainable operating models.

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IMS - Inspiring More Sustainability - has been the leading network of Luxembourg companies active in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for 15 years. IMS' mission is to inspire responsible strategies and practices among national economic actors. IMS Luxembourg supports its members through collaborative and federating projects by promoting dialogue with stakeholders (private, public, associative). IMS provides expertise (publications), concrete solutions, awareness, and information (campaigns, forums, training, clubs, workshops...).

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A reference player in CSR in Luxembourg, the INDR promotes CSR at the institutional level and offers comprehensive support to companies. As a center of competence, it assumes a normative role, brings together the main actors and disseminates knowledge in the field of CSR. The INDR works with sustainable development stakeholders to co-create business-relevant solutions as part of the national ESR-RESPONSIBLE ENTERPRISE program. It offers a complete cycle of training. To date, 250 companies have the ESR label and more than 1500 have been made aware of CSR.

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