EXPOGAST 2022 is fast approaching!

Saturday 26 Nov 2022 > Wednesday 30 Nov 2022

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Saturday 26 Nov 2022 > Wednesday 30 Nov 2022

Luxexpo The Box

Every four years EXPOGAST brings together leading professionals from the gastronomy and hospitality sectors. Over five days, the most talented chefs from five continents, a dozen prestigious partners, hundreds of exhibitors, many volunteers and an ever-growing public (45,000 visitors in 2018) come together to share the same passion.

EXPOGAST is also host to one of the world’s foremost cooking competitions: the Culinary World Cup, sponsored by Villeroy & Boch as is the tradition. Teams from dozens of countries compete during this competition to win this World Cup by demonstrating their talent and ingenuity. 

The advantage of the Villeroy & Boch Culinary World Cup 2022 is that it doesn’t take place behind closed doors. The general public is able to fully participate in this huge celebration by not only admiring the culinary artistry created during the competition, but also by tasting the food and enjoying either an exceptional lunch or dinner in the famous Restaurant des Nations. The menus are so sought after that advance sales are usually sold out within a few hours.

EXPOGAST also provides an opportunity to look at new trends and the latest creations and innovations in tableware, food, drink and kitchen appliances. In addition to the competitions, the programme includes conferences, recruitment drives, exhibitions, cooking events, product demonstrations and spectacular installations such as the La Provençale Hall which time and again delights both eyes and taste buds. La Provençale has also recently confirmed its participation with a completely redesigned concept.

For several months now the main organisers, Luxexpo The Box, Vatel Luxembourg and brain&more have been extremely busy behind the scenes sounding out partners and sponsors about the organisation for the fourteenth edition and the fiftieth anniversary of EXPOGAST in 2022. LOWE, the world leader in the rental of HORECA equipment for large events, will provide the kitchens for the competitions and join the event as a sponsor.

It has to be said that because the sector has borne the full brunt of the restrictions imposed to contain the pandemic, the situation is difficult for everyone. However, the resilience of the HORECA sector is legendary: “Our passion is indestructible: it gives us strength and optimism and drives us forward. We are indebted to the generation of young graduates who will uphold our traditions and expertise,” states Alain Hostert, Vice-president from Vatel Luxembourg, who goes on to say: “This fourteenth edition will be a wonderful celebration and platform for the much longed for relaunch of our business!”

Dates had already started to circulate unofficially but can now be confirmed: EXPOGAST will be held from 25 November to 1st December 2022. Exhibition space is now being marketed too. The event extends over seven days, with five days (from 26 to 30 November) open to the public and two days dedicated to official ceremonies.

“EXPOGAST is a logistical tour de force and a huge challenge since all eyes the world over will be on us as Luxembourg temporarily becomes the world’s capital of gastronomy. There could be no better showcase,” adds Morgan Gromy, CEO of Luxexpo The Box.

Here are a few impressive numbers: dozens of regional and national teams, 20,000 dishes served to visitors over five days, 150 journalists from across the world to cover the event, tens of thousands of visitors, 10,000 overnight stays. Numbers to make your head spin, but since 1972 organisers, partners, competitors, volunteers, students of the Luxembourg Hospitality and Tourism School, juries and sponsors have all known how to make best use of them to guarantee the event’s success, edition after edition.