Bilateral trade between Luxembourg and Switzerland - beyond financial services.

International Affairs

Zurich: On the 9th of July, the members of the board of the "Business Club Luxembourg-Switzerland" met for the inaugural meeting in the presence of the Luxembourg ambassador to Switzerland and the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce

During the summer break, a group of business people established the "Business Club Luxemburg-Schweiz”.

The new business club was established to act as local point of reference for private organisations and individuals, having a commercial interest in both countries. The business club will facilitate and foster trade relationships of various industries between Luxembourg and Switzerland. The multisector members group will encourage stimulating discussions as well as synergies between members.

Present at the establishment were the Luxembourg Ambassador to Switzerland, Jean-Claude Meyer, together with Jeannot Erpelding and Steven Koener from Luxembourg’s Chamber of Commerce.

The Ambassador stating: “We very much welcome this initiative, especially as until today, we couldn’t refer Luxembourgish organisations to a local point of contact when expanding into Switzerland.”

Jeannot Erpelding adding: "Although the relationships between Switzerland and Luxembourg's financial institutions are very strong, other sectors are unfortunately often overshadowed. We strongly support this opportunity to bring representatives from various industries together."

François Muller, chairman of the club, celebrates the establishment by saying: “We have put together a dynamic team with diverse backgrounds - with the support of the Luxembourg embassy and the Chamber of Commerce, we are confident to be able to make a positive contribution to business relations between our two countries.”

The business club will organise a monthly networking dinner in a casual set-up, as well as educational events and professional trainings. The business club is now open for applications from interested individuals and organisations from any sector or industry having an interest in both countries, Luxembourg and Switzerland. More information can be found here: Membership Application

The elected board members of the "Business Club Luxemburg-Schweiz” are as following:

  • Muller François, Muller Healthcare Consulting, Chairman
  • Bourone Josh, Ganryu Capital Partners, Board member
  • Bourson Ken, iart AG, Board member
  • Keller Chris, Fangan Architekten, Board member
  • Laux Eric, Crédit Suisse, Board member
  • Massard Jeff, hpo Management Consulting, Board member
  • Pedrini Vincent, Nomoko, Board member