Luxembourg Internet Days 2021: An outstanding programme for this fully digital event!

Tuesday 16 Nov 2021 > Thursday 18 Nov 2021

Conference / seminar

Tuesday 16 Nov 2021 > Thursday 18 Nov 2021


The Luxembourg Internet Days - the ICT event from the sector, for the sector - is back in digital format from November 16 to 18, with a rich and cutting-edge programme to talk about Network Security and Cloud Security.

No less than three ministers and a European Commissioner

No less than three Luxembourg ministers will present their approach and understanding of cyber security and / or digital sovereignty. Thus, on November 16, Prime Minister Xavier Bettel will address the opening of the event. Its Minister Delegate for Digitization, Marc Hansen, will address the assembly in the early afternoon; the Minister of the Economy, Franz Fayot, will open the day of the 17th, a day dedicated more specifically to cyber security evolutions.

Europe gladly associated itself once again with this edition with the remarkable presence of European Commissioner Mariya Gabriel. In charge of topics related to disinformation and various online threats, leading investments in disruptive research and innovation at the European Innovation Council, Commissioner Gabriel will present, on day one, on European innovation for its digital sovereignty.

A digital event with many benefits

Between expert presentations, workshops, round tables, around forty virtual booths and networking opportunities, the event's digital platform allows everyone to get the most out of their registration. Accessible by simple free online registration, it now allows everyone to visit the virtual booths, check out the programme and contact potential interlocutors for chats or video meetings before, during or after November 16, 17 and 18.

20 hours of a practical and pragmatic programme

Three days during which will follow an intense programme of presentations and discussions with experts from all over the world, but also from Luxembourg, to combine openness and specificities of the Luxembourg market, especially in terms of the adoption of the Cloud by the banking sector or insurance, on November 18.

Thus, on November 16, European sovereignty with European Cloud, technology or EuroHPC (European High Performance Computing) will be put into perspective with speakers from the Gaia-X project, Euclidia, ANEC, Thales or even Google or Huawei. An interactive round-table will try to provide answers to the question "how Europe can drive innovation in Cloud policy and Cloud business models to gain in Sovereignty?"

On November 17, the latest advancements in the Network security and data access to, or in, the Clouds will be highlighted. Key players from the security sector and even the Luxembourg Defense will set the tone for this very informative day. There will be the question of the ZeroTrust strategy, Confidential Computing, or Cyber Range with experts from Cloudflare, Microsoft, Radware, Keysight Technologies, CybExer, or even IDQuantique and CryptoNext Security. The IoT will not be outdone, thanks to the European VARIoT project presented by CIRCL.

Finally, November 18 will be dedicated to specific challenges in the banking and insurance sectors, mainly related to the adoption of the Cloud and the resulting strategies. This thorny subject will be shed light on with speakers from all sides such as Madame Jour-Schroeder, Deputy Director General of Directorate-General for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union, Julian Schmücker from the EBF, but also the CSSF. The three major international Cloud providers Amazon, Google and Microsoft joined forces for the occasion. Clearstream, Atlas Intelligence and the local insurance industry will share their experiences and provide insight into the conditions for successful Cloud adoption.

And answers to targeted technical gaps

"The Domain Name, the cornerstone of your cybersecurity", this is what Xavier Buck, Executive Chaiman of EuroDNS, will explain to launch a session for users with rich lessons from the Restena Foundation, LU-CIX and EfficientIP at the end of the morning on November 18.

Once again, the LUNOG4* conference will be an integral part of the Luxembourg Internet Days 2021 programme, on November 17 from 12:15 pm to 1:45 pm. The RPKI and DNS subjects, respectively DNSSEC and Anycast, will be explained for an informed public. Experts will explain how to protect domain names and websites against the risks of hijacking.

The LUNOG4 conference is accessible to anyone registered for the Luxembourg Internet Days 2021 event. *LUNOG stands for LUxembourg Network Operators Group, which brings together professionals concerned and interested in the management of Internet Networks.

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