Entrepreneurs' Days - An intro to Design Thinking

Wednesday 14 Mar 2018


Wednesday 14 Mar 2018


House of Entrepreneurship, 14 rue Erasme L-1468

Free workshop - An intro to Design Thinking: see how Design Thinking can change the way you approach problems (25 seats) – Art Square Lab, Magdalena Jakubowska

Have you heard the terms “Design Thinking” and thought, “that sounds nice, but what exactly is it?”
During this 3 hour-workshop, the one-stop shop offers to introduce you to the power of Design Thinking.
Along with our speaker, Magdalena Jakubowska, you will learn the process of this strategic problem-solving approach, and how it can help you and your organization rethink the products, services, and experiences you offer to both internal and external audiences.

The workshop will allow you to learn the basics of Design Thinking (theoretical intro) and then to practice a few Design Thinking tools in small groups.
You will walk away knowing how to:
• describe the benefits of Design Thinking
• examine problems from your audience’s perspective
• consider how to apply Design Thinking in your daily work