Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce ‘Belt and Road’ trade mission to China

Montag 11 Sep 2017 > Freitag 15 Sep 2017

Mission économique

Montag 11 Sep 2017 > Freitag 15 Sep 2017

11 – 15 September 2017

Hong Kong – Zhengzhou (Luoyang) – Shanghai


The mission entitled ‘Belt and Road Mission’ refers to the initiative launched by the Chinese government that is considered to be the most popular and ambitious strategy and framework of the moment. It is an intercontinental trade and infrastructure project focused on forging new economic corridors between China and Eurasia.

Luxembourg is no doubt an early bird and active player on the One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative. Indeed, Luxembourg is the first European founding member of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, and the companies Cargolux and CFL multimodal are already connecting the continents and playing the important role of transporters of goods between China and Europe.

In the last half year, throughout a series of seminars under the same topic, the Chamber of Commerce, in close collaboration with ChinaLux Chamber of Commerce as well as the Cluster for Logistics, has endeavored to introduce and explore opportunities for Luxembourg under the OBOR initiative, and taken “deep-dive” into the experiences in the China-Luxembourg logistics sectors.

With a focus on logistics, cross border E-commerce as well as financial services sectors, the mission aims to showcase Luxembourg infrastructure and competitiveness in the above-mentioned fields, to better understand the advantages of the cities of Hong Kong and Zhengzhou as China’s logistics portal and hub, and to boost the connection between Luxembourg and China.

The programme comprises the participation in the Belt and Road summit in Hong Kong, the visit of air freight facilities in Hong Kong and Zhengzhou, the visit of Luoyang free zone where a Luxembourgish production site is established, the participation in business seminars and workshops in Zhengzhou and in Shanghai, and most important and essential, the organization of the B2B matchmakings between Luxembourg delegates and their potential Chinese clients and partners, in view of the mutual understanding, the setup of contacts, and the deepening of further exchanges and cooperation between Luxembourg and Chinese companies.

In case of interest, you are kindly requested to duly complete the registration form no later than July 21, 2017. For further information about this upcoming mission, feel free to contact Ms Na Shi (tel: 42 39 39 - 364) or



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