TAIEX-EIR P2P Workshop on EMAS

Donnerstag 29 Sep 2022


Donnerstag 29 Sep 2022

To be determined

The aim of this workshop is to get practical advice and good practice experience examples from the successful Member States implementing Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS). The peer-to-peer exchange is foreseen to enhance Luxembourg’s efforts to increase the interest of organizations for the EMAS and to motivate Luxembourgish organizations to participate in an EMAS registration. 

Speakers from Member States & Associations: 

  • Ms Monika Brom Head of Team "Environmental Assessment & Transformation of the Economy"  Environment Agency Austria  
  • Ms Maria Passalacqua Director Club EMAS, Spain
  • Ms Caroline Fedrigo Senior Engineer  Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) 

Speakers from the beneficiary administration:

  • Mr David Glod Deputy Director Environmental Agency (AEV), Luxemburg  Luxemburg  
  • Mr Georges Brandenburger Coordinator Accreditation and Certification Department Environmental Agency (AEV), Luxemburg  

Agenda : See attached document

Registrations : emas@aev.etat.lu, registration deadline August 22.



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