HoST's Lunch & Learn Webinar - "An Introduction to Fund Raising for Startups Through Blockchain and Smart Contracts"

Dienstag 16 Feb 2021

Online workshop

Dienstag 16 Feb 2021

11.30 am

As the current situation evolves, The House of Startups has decided to turn its usual Lunch & Learn session into webinars tackling different topics that could help startups and entrepreneurs during these challenging times.

You can now register for this webinar: "An introduction to fund raising for startups through blockchain and smart contracts"
Featuring Olivier Marquais & Alvaro Garrido Mesa from Loyens & Loeff

Description of the talk:
A blockchain is a public record of integrity due to the distributed nature of the database. Anyone can read and rely on it without having to worry that the content was compromised or tampered with. Smart Contracts are deterministic pieces of computer code that can self-execute upon the occurrence of pre-determined events, and may be stored on such databases and write on them. This technology can be used across industries to automate performance and reduce human intervention, thus achieving more certainty and efficiency.

For instance, companies can benefit from this technology by embedding smart contracts into “tokens” (a.k.a. “digital assets” or “crypto assets”) issued through a blockchain platform, allowing them to grant certain rights to the tokenholders. For example, tokenholders could be customers, which could benefit from commercial perks granted by the issuing company, or investors, which could be vested with economic rights linked to the underlying business of the issuing company.
Don't forget, the webinar is at 11.30 am, so please try to make it on time.

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