Commerce extérieur
Go International

We are delighted to unveil our annual Foreign Trade Agenda, your exclusive passport to a world of endless opportunity and global success. 

In a world more complex than ever, navigating the seas of international trade requires a roadmap. Together as Trade and Invest partners we have therefore created a comprehensive programme to guide you through the exciting world of global trade.

  • Destination diversification: Embracing a kaleidoscope of markets. This year, we are expanding on what we have already started in previous years and will be opening doors to untapped opportunities.
  • Tech takeover: Fasten your seatbelt for a journey steeped in technology! From AI-powered insights to technology breakthroughs, with our trade fair visits and national pavilions we will keep you at the forefront of the tech revolution. Check out the trade fair programme.
  • Networking opportunities: Get ready to mingle! Our networking events will put you in touch with like-minded business people from across the globe, fostering collaborations that transcend borders. And you should not miss the Go International Day, which will put the world at your doorstep here in Luxembourg!
  • Time to celebrateMade in Luxembourg marks its 40th anniversary. Join the celebration of Luxembourg’s unique and successful origin label in December 2024!

Mark your calendars and stay tuned for more details and a few passport stamps along the way.

Check out the calendar here