WORKSHOP : Increase your reach with Facebook & Instagram Reels

Mittwoch 4 Okt 2023


Mittwoch 4 Okt 2023

12:00 - 13:30

House of Entrepreneurship



12h00 : Workshop

13h30 : Networking

Workshop format: Practical workshop

About the workshop:

How can a company effectively communicate with its target audience using Facebook or Instagram Reels, capturing their attention, inspiring enthusiastic interactions, and ultimately converting them into paying customers? In this workshop, we dive into the practical fundamentals of Facebook and Instagram Reels. Together, we'll create a Reel and explore the entire interface. Furthermore, we'll delve into the components of an ideal Reel to ensure maximum visibility.

What will you learn?

1. What are Reels and where can they be found? What role do they play on Instagram and Facebook?

2. Step by Step – Together, we'll create a Reel.

3. What characterizes successful Reels? How do I achieve maximum reach?

Who is it for? Business leaders, Entrepreneurs, Communications manager, Marketing, Public relations

Presentation of the speaker: Karina Hartwahn & Christine Thull, Die Piñatas

Piñatas are colorful and eye-catching – your social media can be too!" Under this motto, Karina Hartwahn and Christine Thull have been supporting businesses and self-employed individuals in the German-Luxembourg border region for around 10 years in the field of social media. Since 2019, they have expanded their services to online courses throughout the German-speaking region, with a focus on Instagram. The main emphasis is always on customer acquisition.


Workshop offered by the digitalization department of the Chambre de Commerce's House of Entrepreneurship.


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