Shaping Tomorrow's Transport and Logisitcs Solutions

Donnerstag 23 Mai 2024

Conférence / séminaire

Donnerstag 23 Mai 2024

16:00 - 18:00

House of Entrepreneuship

Join an inspiring afternoon of innovation at the cutting-edge intersection of transport, logistics, and legal tech, moderated by Tobias Verlende, CorpPearls.

Hear visionary entrepreneurs pitch game-changing ideas to revolutionize how goods and people are moved efficiently, sustainably, and legally compliant.

This innovation session is an opportunity to network with industry leaders, investors, and fellow innovators as we explore the endless possibilities of tomorrow's transport and logistics landscape.

The Cluster is delighted to welcome keynote speaker Danilo D‘Aversa, who will present the success story of Gulliver, as well as the investors Diane Tea, Luxembourg Business Angel Network, and Matthias Frost, MoselVentures.

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Event Program:

15:45                  Arrival

16:00-16:10     Welcome Words – Max Nilles, Ministry of Mobility and Public Works

16:10-16:20     Introduction Speech – Daniel Kohl, Cluster for Logistics

16:20-16:35     Start-up Success Story: Keynote Speech by Gulliver - Danilo D‘Aversa, Gulliver

16:35-17:05     Start-up Pitches (line-up updated)

17:05-17:35     Investor Talk (updated): Matthias Frost, Investor, MoselVentures & Diane Tea, Investor, Luxembourg Business Angel Network

17:35-17:45     Closing Words - Tobias Verlende, CorpPearls

17:45                  Networking & 1:1 Matchmaking

Start-up Line-up (updated with NAVLANDIS)

  • AIRIAL UAS has developed a state-of-the-art solution for unmanned aerial systems for the logistics and inspection market. We manufacture an aircraft which is a hybrid between a helicopter and a gyrocopter. The combination extends the typical performance of known drone systems in terms of payload, range, flight time, mission profile and speed by a factor of 3. It also offers better safety properties and is all weather compatible. Airial UAS brings an all-inclusive solution including aircraft, ground control system, hangar solutions, training and maintenance to the market including all adjacent services.
  • KONVOI's preventive truck security solution provides data-based everything it takes to effectively resolve theft, damage, lack of transparency and inefficiencies in your fleet. Our full-service sensor system can be booked in a SaaS subscription model per vehicle. We offer everything from a single source - from the system installation to the implementable action plan. Our diverse sensor technology enables a new, focused data foundation with ten data points per second and AI driven analysis. As data experts, we provide individual action plans that can be implemented for every transport company.
  • NAVLANDIS developed and manufactures the Zbox, the next generation of shipping containers. Fully ISO and CSC certified, keeping the resistance and dimensions of conventional shipping containers, Zbox has the advantage of being folded when empty in a very simple operation without any special equipment. Bundled in packs of 5 in the space of 1, the pack is also fully certified and it can be operated as a single container which brings efficiency, savings in transport, space, berthing time, port operations and consequently in costs and CO2 emissions. A game changer in the container sector.
  • aSR offers solutions for testing and experiencing advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) functions and autonomous driving in a virtual test drive. By interlinking simulation models from different development areas, a consistent virtual prototype is created. Vehicle software can be tested right in simulation, accelerating the development process and reducing physical prototypes. The human factor is playing an increasingly important role for the acceptance of ADAS/AD functions. In order to integrate the human factor into virtual test-driving, aSR also offers a professional compact driving simulator.
  • RespectUs offers visionary solutions to forge a new era of export control compliance. We offer a one-stop-shop online platform for export control compliance – intuitive, most up-to-date, and available in multiple languages. We aim to provide exporters of sensitive, export-controlled goods and technology, their suppliers, and banks seeking guidance in compliance, product classification, risk assessment, sanctions and embargoes assistance with the worldwide best-in-market solution in digital export control solutions.