Startup Corner 17 : Charlotte Wirion - WEO Environmental Analytics for All from Space

Chambre de Commerce

Startup WEO and its co-founders Charlotte Wirion and Imeshi Weerasinghe use satellite imagery to source more accurate information about our environment and to analyze it with artificial intelligence (AI). The aim is to provide their clients with qualitative data enabling better decisions regarding soil quality, prevention of natural disasters but also about the development of vegetation worlwide. WEO was launched by two women, which is unfortunately still too rare in the startup world. Charlotte explains the reasons, the hurdles to overcome but also what can be done to motivate more women to try their luck in the entrepreneurship and technology sector. 

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The ‘Startup Corner’ is a monthly podcast in Luxembourgish about startups and innovation in Luxembourg, presented by the House of Startups powered by the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce and supported by the SCRIPT.