Meet the community - Becoming an entrepreneur

Dienstag 21 Mai 2024

Création d'entreprise

Dienstag 21 Mai 2024

11:45 - 14:00

14, rue Erasme L-1468 Luxembourg


Do you have a business creation project, an entrepreneurial idea, or a desire to start a business that's not yet clearly defined? We offer a monthly meeting with various public actors in the ecosystem and other aspiring entrepreneurs, centered around the theme "becoming an entrepreneur."

This community welcome is structured around the testimony of a young entrepreneur and exchanges with public actors about various facets of the entrepreneurial journey (professional transition, financing, intellectual property, market study, etc.).

During this meeting, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the entrepreneurial world, exchange ideas with others, and ask all your questions about starting and launching your business during thematic discussions. The services available within the ecosystem and the support paths for creators at the House of Entrepreneurship will also be presented.


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This in-person meeting, held at the House of Entrepreneurship is for anyone looking to start or take over a business, whether it's a short-term or long-term goal, here in Luxembourg.


  • Understand the essential steps, conditions for success, and risks of failure of a business creation project in Luxembourg.
  • Identify the economic, legal, and fiscal data of your environment that you need to master.
  • Identify organizations, support mechanisms, and funding aids for business creation.
  • Know the real-life challenges, obstacles to overcome, and best practices to apply from the beginning of your project.


Topics Covered

  • Key success factors in business creation.
  • The commercial relevance of your entrepreneurial project.
  • The regulatory and financial feasibility of your business creation project.
  • Strategies and means to successfully execute your project.
  • Entrepreneurship in Luxembourg: who can help you? How can you be supported?


Duration and modalities

2 hours in-person: Presentations: 1 hour / Thematic tables: 1 hour.

Moderation by the House of Entrepreneurship. Language: English.



- Luxembourg Intellectual Property Institute

- Employment Development Agency (ADEM)

- Chamber of Skilled Trades and Crafts

- Microlux

- MC - Mutuality Loan Guarantee

- SNCI - National Credit and Investment Institution


By registering for this event, participants are informed and agree that:

  • They may be featured in photographs and/or video images taken during the event; and
  • The event may be recorded (sound and/or video) and potentially broadcast, either live or after the event.

These photos and/or recordings are intended to be used for communication purposes related to the event (publication and/or dissemination in various Chamber of Commerce communication media such as MERKUR, website, newsletter, social networks, video-sharing platform channel, etc.).


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