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Real Estate in Turkey

Type de manifestation
Conférence/Séminaire/Table ronde
Chambre de Commerce


The Chamber of Commerce of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, in close cooperation with the Turkish Foreign Relations Board (DEIK) and the Turkish Association of Real Estate and Real Estate Investment Companies (GYODER) will organise a seminar on Real Estate in Turkey on Thursday 3rd of March 2016. The main purpose of this seminar is to let you discover the newly established real estate investment fund system in Turkey, the opportunities existing in the Turkish real estate sector as well as the new regulations presented by the Capital Markets Board.

For further information about this upcoming event, feel free to contact Mrs. Edith Stein (Tel: 42 39 39-482).

Conférence/Séminaire/Table ronde
Réunion et débats entre professionnels