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Startup Corner episode 9 : Felix Hemmerling - Kodehyve

21.07.2021 08:07

House of Startups

Kodehyve: You want to know how it is to be a serial entrepreneur at the age of 25? Tune in to Startup Corner’s 9th episode with Felix Hemmerling!

 As the co-founder of two startups such as kodehyve and Univize, this young entrepreneur has already so many stories to tell from recently raising 1M€ in seed financing to digitalize the real-estate sector.

He is also the co-founder of the Luxembourg Open Air (LOA) Festival, which in 2019 had its 1st edition with over 7,000 visitors.In this episode, we discuss with Felix about his impressive journey that should inspire every future entrepreneur out there. 

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The ‘Startup Corner’ is a monthly podcast in Luxembourgish about startups and innovation in Luxembourg, presented by the House of Startups powered by the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce and supported by the SCRIPT.