Elections 2023 - What future for businesses?

The opinion of the companies

In the autumn of 2023, the next Luxembourg legislative elections will be held to renew the 60 members of the Chamber of Deputies for the next five years. Between now and 2028, Luxembourg will have to learn the lessons of successive crises and trials, with a view to adapting, reconciling the current, sometimes contradictory challenges and renewing its economic model, in order to make it more stable, resilient, sustainable, inclusive, attractive and competitive, while at the same time being a laboratory for major transitions. The country will have to participate actively in the pursuit and consolidation of European integration and strengthen its role as a driving force for the development of the Greater Region.

The Chamber of Commerce is contributing to this ambition through the work carried out in the framework of its "Elections 2023" programme. Businesses are at the heart of the process developed to determine its proposals.

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Are you a national? We invite you to participate in the Chamber's "Elections 2023" contributions by giving your opinion on the priority measures to be implemented during the next legislature.

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