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The Mutual for Loan Guarantees (MCAC)

Obtaining credit is often difficult because real or personal available collateral often appears to be insufficient. The credit asked may be refused and this way, the project is uncertain. However, the Mutual for Loan Guarantees can helpby being  guarantor within Luxembourg banks. The loan guarantee provided by the MCAC is an important tool to support the entrepreneur in his application for a bank loan.

The MCAC helps primarily member companies of the Chamber of Commerce. All the investments in order to create or develop a business for which the applicant has a recognized professional qualification or projects which have a real chance of economic viability and a clear economic interest are eligible for a loan guarantee. 

The applicant must submit his business plan including mainly personal information (education, work experience), information about the company (legal form, company objective) and the investment project (motivation, cost and detailed description) and financial information (financial plan, contingency plan, financial statements).

For further information, please refer to the brochure, available under "Publications".

In addition, counselors from the Department of Business Creation and Development can provide you useful information and practical details on the different financing and state aid. 

For further information about the Mutual, we invite you to contact:
Mutual for Loan Guarantees
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