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Commercial, social and legal assistance and advice

The Chamber of Commerce can give you some advice and information regarding commercial, social and legal matters. The entity "House of Entrepreneurship" can give you some advice and assistance regarding the right of establishment, employment law (employment contract, redundancy procedure, holidays, health and safety at work ...), civil law (contracts, rental agreements...), commercial law (bankruptcy, commercial obligations...), company law, fiscal law (indirect taxes, VAT), unfair competition (promotions, liquidations, advertising...), social security law, intellectual property, public tenders, arbitration, etc. Our advisers can also help you to choose the legal form of a company and inform you on their implications. Therefore, we have a large range of  standard companies' statutes, whatever the legal form you chose, standard employment contracts, renting agreements, etc.

For more precise information, we invite you to contact the House of Entrepreneurship's team:
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