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Official opinions & legislation

The Chamber of Commerce, in its consultative role, submits numerous opinions and proposals regarding any law, Grand-Ducal regulation, or ministerial regulation related to the sectors of activity represented by the Chamber of Commerce. The bottom link “Official opinions of the Chamber of Commerce” provides access to a list of all official opinions submitted to date in chronological order. These official opinions can also be found via the search engine (by date, keyword, or ministry which requested the official opinion of the Chamber of Commerce).

The Chamber of Commerce, through the House of Entrepreneurship, can also offer you advice regarding employment law, social insurance law, competition law, company law, and commercial law, as well as direct and indirect taxation.

The Chamber of Commerce of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg additionally hosts its own Centre for Arbitration, whose purpose is to offer an alternative dispute resolution to proceedings of litigation, which often prove to be too long, expensive, and impractical for the complexities of the business world.