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Analyses, studies, and surveys

The Chamber of Commerce through its Economic Department, participates in many national, European and international surveys regarding the cyclical evolution and the structural situation of our economy. As such, it collaborates with STATEC, the Central Bank of Luxembourg, Eurochambers, the International Institute for Management Development and the World Economic Forum.

Below you can view the latest analysis, studies and surveys where the Economic Department of the Chamber of Commerce was involved, directly or indirectly:

The Economic Department, also develops strategic study papers published in the economic bulletin of Chamber of Commerce "Actualité&Tendances". 

To present the fey figures on the Luxembourg economy in a light way, the Department of Economics has publicised for several years the brochure  "Luxembourg: Small Country, Big Numbers" (Luxembourg : petit pays, grand nombre") regularly updated. 

Finally, you will find hereunder a list of interesting economic publications: