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Meet the Zebras

Event type
Online workshop
10:00 A.M (CEST)



The Luxembourg Creative Industries Cluster, managed by Luxinnovation, is organising a series of webinars to highlight this key sector. This series of online webinars is scheduled from April 15 to 21, 2021.


Aligning with global initiatives such as the World Creativity and Innovation Week (April 15-21), the International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development 2021, but also with the European Commission’s strategic plan and the implementation of the Horizon Europe funding programme (Cluster 2), specifically focused on the creative industries.

The theme of the project, Meet The Zebras, is based on an image borrowed from the animal world, and serves as an analogy to highlight and emphasise the creative streak among humans.

The project comprises a series of 20 webinars with over 150 speakers, grouped into 3 sessions:

  • April 15: Highlighting the ecosystem surrounding the creative industries and including services, financial tools and infrastructure that target creatives.
  • April 19 and 20: The “zebras” divided into 12 branches or sub-sectors of the creative industries. Projects, jobs and current trends will be discussed during these 2 days.
  • April 21: Inspire to innovate through cross-sectoral themes related to digitalisation and the circular economy.

The target audience of these thematic webinars spans the creative industries, but also other economic sectors looking for new ideas and solutions.

Kickoff webinar April 2 at 10:00 am

To set the framework for the whole event, a kick-off webinar is scheduled for April 2 at 10:00 am, in the presence of the Minister of the Classes Moyennes, Mr. Lex Delles, to present the figures of the mapping of the creative industries sector 2020 and to underline the importance and transversality in this sector.

The keynote speaker Cris Beswick will position creativity at the intersection of culture, economy and innovation.


These webinars will aim to inform, educate, inspire, promote and facilitate exchange and dialogue on cross-sectoral innovations. By highlighting projects across the 12 sectors and roundtables with experts, members of federations and industry players, we will be able to listen to the needs of creatives and analyse trends in these 12 sub-sectors.

Agenda: April 2 (10:00-11:00)

  • 10:00 Minister of the Classes Moyennes Lex Delles (LUX)
    Welcoming remarks
    Presentation of the creative industries 2020 mapping

  • 10:15 Keynote speech Cris Beswick (ENG)
    Creativity building bridges

  • 10:35 Minister of Culture Sam Tanson
    Kultur:LX and Esch2022

  • 10:50 Marc Lis, Creative Industries Cluster Manager (LUX)
    Meet the Zebras: structure and concept

  • 11:00 Sasha Baillie, CEO Luxinnovation (ENG)
    Key messages and official launch of registration

Keynote: Cris Beswick – Keynote speaker/ best-selling author.

More information and registration: click here