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ONLINE WORKSHOP : GO DIGITAL - The art of selling online - ENG

Event type
Online workshop
12:00 PM to 2:00 PM



Regarding the growing risk of the COVID-19 virus spreading, we are obliged to offer all of our workshops digitally. All workshops planned at the House of Entrepreneurship will only be accessible online and will take place at the same time as planned. You will have the possibility to access this workshop, directly via your computer. The speaker with a microphone will share his screen so that you can view the presentation live.

In collaboration with the House of Startups :


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Level 2

Practical workshop: Spotlight on the digital tool & demo.


About the workshop:

What’s the best e-Commerce marketing strategy? Which sales strategy should you be using for your online business? How do I make people buy my products?

Increasing online sales is the primary goal of all e-Commerce businesses. Whether you run a small one-man-show webshop or a large e-Commerce business, knowing how to increase your sales is vital for your business. Fortunately, there are many ways you can sell more online, many of which you can implement right away.


Who is it for?

So whether you sell physical goods or run a service-based business, you will be well prepared with a handful of actionable techniques you can use to increase your online sales performance.


What will you learn ?

In this workshop, you will learn how to master the art of selling online. You will learn a wide range of online sales methods, pricing and sales strategies, sales triggers, and powerful psychology ‘tricks’ that make people buy from you, and then keep them coming back for more. You will discover proven ecommerce marketing strategies and tips, which helps you bring in traffic to your site, build relationships and trust with customers, and make sales.

During the workshop, we will dissect internet marketing into its most basic strategies. Then we will simplify those strategies so you can understand which ones would work best for your own e-Commerce business. We examine ‘timeless’ strategies (i.e. strategies that has always work and continue to work), we go over ‘quick-wins’ (small things you can implement right away), and we talk about the reasons why they work.


Go Digital, a program developed by the House of Entrepreneurship of the Chamber of Commerce.




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