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The Asteroid Foundation will launch Asteroid Day TV 2020 on 1 June 2020 with digital video content from Discovery Science, TED, IMAX, BBC, CNN, the European Space Agency (ESA), the European Southern Observatory (ESO) and other educational content producers. In addition, ESA will feature new, multi-language asteroid programming on Asteroid Day TV leading up to 30 June. The programming will cover themes such as asteroid discovery, planetary defense, space resources, asteroid space missions and more. Asteroid Day, the official United Nations' day of global awareness about the opportunities and challenges that asteroids present, is a programme of the Asteroid Foundation.

Asteroid Day was co-founded by astrophysicist and famed musician Dr Brian May of the rock group QUEEN; Apollo 9 Astronaut Rusty Schweickart; Filmmaker Grig Richters; and B612 President Danica Remy to promote awareness and provide knowledge to the public about the importance of asteroids in our history, and the role they play in our solar system.

"We have all seen how unprepared the human race was, faced with a pandemic. An asteroid strike is just as real. The consequences could be as serious. We regard it as our duty to make sure we are prepared to deal with the consequences, on an international level, and also to do our utmost to learn how to prevent such an event, by finding and deflecting potential impactors. That is what Asteroid Day is all about," says Dr Brian May.

Asteroid Day TV is being launched with content partners providing asteroid related content and exclusive live programmes in multiple languages produced in partnership with the European Space Agency. Asteroid Day TV will stream 34 days of programming featuring international experts, astronauts and cosmonauts, scientists, engineers, physicists, educators and policymakers, as well as special guests who serve as 'Asteroid Day ambassadors'. The Asteroid Day TV schedule will be updated weekly with new program additions.

Due to COVID19, the official 2020 Asteroid Day programmes will be all digital. In prior years, thousands of independent events were organized around the world. This year local independent programming happens based upon local governmental guidance.


Asteroid Day TV will stream through the month of June in addition to Asteroid Day LIVE Digital from Luxembourg on 30 June 2020. Both programmes are produced in partnership with Broadcasting Center Europe (BCE) at RTL City in Luxembourg. Another Asteroid Day partner, Luxembourg-based SES, a global leader in content connectivity solutions, will broadcast Asteroid Day TV to bring the programming to millions of viewers thanks to the unparalleled reach of its satellites. Asteroid Day LIVE guests will be announced in June. The 2017, 2018 and 2019 LIVE programmes can be found here

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