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ONLINE WORKSHOP : Go Digital - E-commerce advanced workshop – or how to grow your online business - ENG

Event type
Online workshop
12:00 PM to 2:00 PM
House of Entrepreneurship | 14 Rue Erasme | 1468 Luxembourg



Regarding the growing risk of the COVID-19 virus spreading, we are obliged to offer all of our workshops digitally. All workshops planned at the House of Entrepreneurship will only be accessible online and will take place at the same time as planned.

You will have the possibility to access this workshop, directly via your computer.

The speaker with a microphone will share his screen so that you can view the presentation live.

The Go Digital team will send you the link to watch the workshop online.



Level 2

Practical workshop: Spotlight on the digital tool & demo.

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What you will learn ?

This workshop is designed to improve the way you are doing business online, increase your sales, and help you grow your e-business.

In this workshop, you will learn what makes an e-commerce business successful. You will discover the strategies that make your clients trust you and choose you before your competition. You will find out which tools and strategies help you position your business for success from the start -- USP, product positioning, strategic pricing, etc. You will explore the different ways to grow your business linearly and exponentially.

During this workshop, you will also hear about winning copyright strategies, sales strategies, and subtle psychological methods that help convert visitors into clients. You will learn which precise strategies and methods cause clients to buy from you and the psychological reasons behind those.

You will understand which are the critical components that you need on your website in order to improve your sales.

You will learn how to improve customer trust, satisfaction, loyalty and engagement. You will find out how to make new clients, how to win back past clients, and how to automate customer outreach in a way that it helps your online business grow.


Who is it for?

This workshop is best suited for individuals, business and startups owners who already have an e-commerce or online business and would like to grow it and sell their products and services online better than ever before.


About the workshop

This workshop will teach you how to maximize your online business chances for success, minimize your chances of failure, and make your online business perform better than 90% of your competition. The workshop will show you how you can grow your business linearly and then exponentially. It will give you the proven strategies and step-by-step methods for selling online, as well as the subtle psychological triggers that make people trust you and buy from you. It will provide you with the exact formulas for applying those methods in your online business and will teach you how to attract visitors, convert them into satisfied customers and keep them coming back.



The Chamber of Commerce car park (7 rue Alcide de Gasperi - Kirchberg, 2981 Luxembourg) is at your disposal free of charge.

Go Digital, a program developed by the House of Entrepreneurship of the Chamber of Commerce.





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