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Impact on vocational training, internships, evaluation of modules and organisation of integrated projects

25.03.2020 12:21


Due to the spread of COVID-19, the government has decided to suspend activities in the education sector until 19 April 2020. The National Health Directorate will continue to reassess the situation and the date for resuming activities may be adjusted in light of developments.

This decision has repercussions on vocational training, including internships, the evaluation of modules, and the organisation of projects.

Following the meetings that were held on 19, 20, and 23 March, respectively, with the professional chambers and the vocational training working group of the college of directors in order to plan the end of the school year, it was decided that:

  • The common objective is to enable students and apprentices to graduate during the 2019/20 school year.
  • A certain flexibility in terms of evaluation of the modules will be implemented. If it is materially impossible to evaluate a given module, the evaluation system will allow the evaluation to be postponed to the following semester.
  • The tutors will not evaluate the modules of the second semester. These modules are therefore considered acquired.
  • Students who are not in their final year are exempt from all internship modules in progress or still to be completed until the end of the 2019/20 school year.
  • Students who are in their final year are exempt from internship modules that cannot be evaluated.
  • The duration of final and intermediate integrated  projects will be adapted and their content will be limited to the subject matter that was treated until the end of the first semester of the 2019/20 school year.
  • The commissioners in charge of the final integrated  projects organised in the form of modules during the year will communicate the modalities as soon as possible to the high schools concerned.
  • The deadline for signing an apprenticeship contract, initially set for 31 October, will be extended

Companies in the personal care sector that would like to propose their apprentice(s) (of age) as volunteers will need authorisation from the National Health Directorate.

The Department of Vocational Training and the professional chambers would like to thank you for your valuable collaboration during these exceptional circumstances.

Letter by: Ministry of Education, Children and Youth

Translation by: Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce