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Luc Frieden elected president of the Chamber of Commerce

03.04.2019 14:24

Constituent Plenary Assembly

Constituent Plenary Assembly, 3 April 2019. Sitting, from left to right : Valérie Massin, Michel Wurth (outgoing president of the Chamber of Commerce), Etienne Schneider (Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of the Economy, and presiding minister of the Chamber of Commerce by law), Luc Frieden (President of the Chamber of Commerce), Fernand Ernster, Alain Rix; standing, from left to right: Georges Thielen, Jean Diederich, Maxim Straus; Frank Wagener, Roland Bastian, Marianne Welter, Marc Niederkorn, Laurent Schonckert, Robert Goeres, Colette Dierick, Michel Rodenbourg, Carine Federspiel, Frank Krings, Marc Lauer, François Koepp, Jos Sales, Geoffroy Bazin, Robert Faber, Jean-Marc Kieffer, Evie Roos, Carlo Thelen (General Director of the Chamber of Commerce) (absent: Guy Hoffmann).

The Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce held its Constituent Plenary Assembly this Wednesday, 3 April 2019 with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Economy, Etienne Schneider, acting as presiding minister and officially presenting the results of the 2019 elections that appointed the newly elected members of the Chamber of Commerce for a mandate of five years. The Plenary Assembly is the highest decision-making body of the Chamber of Commerce, representing more than 90,000 business members, and is in charge of the internal structure of the largest professional organisation in the country, approving the budget and determining the strategic action plan.

The Plenary Assembly of the Chamber of Commerce reflects all of Luxembourg's economic sectors, except crafts and the agricultural sector. The six electoral groups represented by the Plenary Assembly have a total of 25 regular elected members and the same number of substitutes. The presiding minister presented the election results as published by ministerial order on 1 March 2019 designating as elected the following active and substitute members of the Chamber of Commerce:


Regular members:

  • DIEDERICH Jean, consultant, Luxembourg
  • ERNSTER Fernand, retailer, Luxembourg
  • FEDERSPIEL Carine, director physician, Goetzingen
  • GOERES Robert, retailer, Luxembourg
  • RODENBOURG Michel, retailer, Luxembourg
  • SALES Jos, managing director, Bascharage
  • SCHONCKERT Laurent, private-sector employee, Luxembourg
  • WELTER Marianne, private-sector employee, Luxembourg

 Substitute members, in the order they will replace active members:

  1. THINES Antoinette (Netty), communications expert, Bertrange
  2. KIRSCH née WAGNER Nadine, self-employed, Beidweiler
  3. WAGNER Gérard, director, Roeser
  4. CARVAS Arthur, corporate director, Mersch
  5. SCHEUREN Jean-Paul, salaried employee, Steinsel
  6. LORANG Jacques, private-sector employee, Kockelscheuer
  7. PIETRANGELO Giovanni, director general, Luxembourg
  8. ZAHLEN-KARANATSIOS Georges, general manager, Itzig


Regular member:

  • FABER Robert, certified public accountant, Heisdorf

Substitute member:

  1. BECHTEL Cornelius, private-sector employee, Luxembourg


Regular members:

  • BASTIAN Roland, vice president of board of directors, Kehlen
  • KIEFFER Jean-Marc, corporate director, Strassen
  • MASSIN Valérie, Luxembourg HR coordinator, Bertrange
  • NIEDERKORN Marc, partner/management consultant, Luxembourg
  • ROOS Evie, chief HR officer, Sandweiler
  • STRAUS Maxim, CFO, Luxembourg
  • THIELEN Georges, manager of governmental relations and R&D partnerships, Schouweiler
  • WAGENER Frank, financial and administrative director, Reckange/Mess

Substitute members, in the order they will replace active members:

  1. MARIANI Marie-Christine, CEO, Dudelange
  2. ZOLLER Gérard, CEO, Schwebach
  3. HILGER Anouk, engineer, Luxembourg
  4. FONTAINE Elisabeth (Betty), engineer, Kehlen
  5. KLÜCKERS Eric, directeur general, Wellenstein
  6. VANDENNEUCKER Jan, CEO, Hoegaarden
  7. WERNER Pierre-Nicolas, department head, Kayl
  8. HENROTIN Eric, director, strategic projects, Arlon


Regular members:

  • BAZIN Geoffroy Vincent Marie, president of executive committee, Luxembourg
  • DIERICK Colette Marie-Clara Leontine, managing director, Luxembourg
  • FRIEDEN Luc Joseph Bernard, president of board of directors, Contern
  • HOFFMANN Guy, CEO, Pontpierre
  • KRINGS Frank Helmut, CEO, Luxembourg

Substitute members, in the order they will replace active members:

  1. AHLBORN Pierre Joseph, employee, bank, Mersch
  2. JACQUEMIN Arnaud Patrice Marie, executive, bank, Luxembourg
  3. ENGEL Doris, director, bank, Soleuvre
  4. MAAS Yves, chairman of board of directors, Munsbach
  5. GRBIC Gérard (Jerry), director general, Bivange


Regular member:

  • LAUER Marc Bernard, private-sector employee, Sandweiler

Substitute member:

  1. STRASSER Christian, directeur general, Mondorf-les-Bains


Regular members:

  • KOEPP François Joseph, salaried employee, Luxembourg
  • RIX Alain André, hotelier, Bridel

Substitute members, in the order they will replace active members:

  1. WEBER Romain, hotelier, Bertrange
  2. GOERES Marcel, hotelier, Luxembourg

The elected members of the Plenary Assembly unanimously accepted the proposal of Group 4 (banks, agricultural credit cooperatives, and other financial activities) to nominate Luc Frieden as President of the Chamber of Commerce. Following the proposal of the president, the Plenary Assembly elected three vice presidents: Fernand Ernster, Valérie Massin, and Alain Rix, thus, together with the president, creating the bureau.

The new president thanked the elected members for their trust in him and assured them of his dedication in defending the interests of the members of the Chamber of Commerce and promoting the socio-economic development of the country. He also underlined the remarkable work done by his predecessor, Michel Wurth, who was able to position the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce as a key player in the socio-economic life of Luxembourg during his three consecutive terms, with the support of outgoing elected members, management, and staff. In conclusion, Luc Frieden thanked the outgoing elected members for their past commitment and invited the newly elected members to actively participate in the life and work of the Chamber of Commerce.

Following the Constituent Plenary Assembly, the elected members met the employees of the Chamber of Commerce and members of the press.



Minister Etienne Schneider with the outgoing and incoming presidents, as well as active and substitute members

Michel Wurth, outgoing president of the Chamber of Commerce, and Luc Frieden, President of the Chamber of Commerce

Luc Frieden with Michel Wurth and Carlo Thelen, General Director of the Chamber of Commerce