Follow us on call for volunteers and compulsory registration for healthcare professionals until Tuesday, 24 March at midnight

24.03.2020 12:31


As of Monday, 23 March 2020, the registry for healthcare professionals is being organised via the platform in order to optimise the management of national healthcare professionals in reserve. Registration is compulsory forregulated healthcare professionals. The call is also aimed at doctors in advanced specialisation studies, students, retired people, and people on unpaid leave.

This platform also aims to coordinate the call for volunteers by publishing the needs of the healthcare sector in a targeted manner.

You will find 2 sections with an online form to fill in for each case:

  • A section dedicated exclusively to healthcare professionals (doctors,nurses, nursing aids, etc.): active, retired, or students (over 18 years old),please send us your contact details and availability using the online formuntil 24 March 2020 at midnight!
  • A call for volunteers to provide support in the healthcare sector: determine the requests for support that match your skills and experience,and send us your contact details and availability using the online form!

For efficient organisation, we invite you to use this platform exclusively, managed by a team from the Ministry of Health and the State Centre for Human Resources and Organisation Management. You will then be contacted by phone or email depending on the evolution of the situation and the needs of healthcare entities.

Press release by: Ministry of Health

Translation by: Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce