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Export and foreign promotion

The Chamber of Commerce, through its International Affairs, actively supports the Luxembourg companies during their entries or expansions in foreign markets. This support is available through:

  • State visit, official missions and trade missions
  • National pavillions at international trade fairs
  • Group visits to international trade fairs
  • International partnership events
  • Business Opportunity days.

To see the list
of activities proposed by the Chamber of Commerce, please have a look at our agenda

As part of its campaign to promote national products in foreign markets, the Chamber of Commerce can  authorize the use of the label  “Made in Luxembourg” through its  International Affairs. This label, created in 1984 by initiative of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, serves to identify the origin of  Luxembourg products and services. The “Made in Luxembourg” label not only helps inform Luxembourg consumers  of native products, but also enhances the reputation of quality Luxembourg products abroad. The use of the label  is versatile, ranging from display on the product itself or the letterhead of the company, to placement on advertising material or commercial documents. Companies using the label must ensure that their products and services oblige by the terms for which the label was originally granted.   For more information, please visit or contact the International Affairs - Tel. (+352) 42 39 39 - 315 - E-mail: label(at)

Companies affiliated to the Chamber of Crafts should contact the Chamber of Crafs (Chambre de Métiers) Tel. : (+352) 42 67 67-1.

Considering the new competition and opportunity that accompanies globalization, it is in the best interest of SMEs and SMIs to take part in international business events and expand their market shares. To this end,  professional trade fairs and cooperation platforms have served as different approaches to find potential business partners in foreign markets.  The “b2fair” concept takes the best of both worlds by combining the vastness of an international trade fair with the intimacy of a one-on-one business cooperative exchange. Prepared in advance of the events, b2fair participants are offered a tailored selection of compatible business partners to forge the best-targeted and most promising business relationships.  



The Market Guide is the  authoritative instrument for  presenting and promoting Luxembourg’s foreign trade. It is  recommended to foreign companies interested in building business relations with firms in Luxembourg.

The Market Guide, published by the Chamber of Commerce since 1954, aims to promote the international economic and trade relations of Luxembourg companies. 

It contains contact details and descriptions of roughly 800 industrial firms, wholesale businesses, banks and service providers active at the international level,  as well as useful addresses of different private bodies and public institutions. Businesses listed in the Guide can update their data online, offering a modern and  consistently up-to-date showcase.

For more information, please visit the Market Guide website or contact the Market Guide team by E-mail: guidedumarche(at)