Intorel S.à.r.l. - 14 years in Luxembourg

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Carlo Thelen, general director Chamber of Commerce; Dragana Lazic, Intorel S.à.r.l. managing director, owner For more than a decade, Intorel has developed and provided a substantial number of reliable and advanced M&C solutions for the satellite, broad

Intorel Sarl, which is headquartered in Luxembourg, was founded in 2002 and started by Srdjan Mijanovic, talented engineer that started to develop and provide superior cutting-edge monitoring and controlling software solutions to its users all over the world.

For more than a decade, Intorel has developed and provided a substantial number of reliable and advanced M&C solutions for the satellite, broadcast and telecom industry.

2012 was a big challenge for Intorel as its founder tragically died leaving his team suddenly. Teamwork, talent and strong will of all of us, kept and is keeping Intorel growing steadily. Intorel is proud to say that the company is now counting more than 600 installations in 60 countries. Visionic, an "off-the-shelf" software solution is the main basis of Intorel's large variety of products and it can be used for any industrial monitoring and control requiring reliability, flexibility and fast implementation.

It stays Intorel's flagship product and then company is proud that in the past years it developed many more. Intorel also offers tools, support and training services to its large and diverse customer base, which ranges from emerging companies to multinational corporations.

Interview with Dragana Lazic, managing director, owner

What projects are you currently working on? 

We are working on the development of the monitoring and control and scheduling solution for the Digital Satellite News Gathering vehicles (DSNG), our platform will be released until end of the year. The new development is based on latest .NET technologies and it will allow us to modernize our products and reach also wider range of clients. We are currently targeting also maritime industry satellite installations and petrol pipelines.

What successes are you particularly proud of? 

We are proud of our 14 years long relationship with SES, 8 years with Telenor and with 90% retourning customers, we are proud to provide the products and services that they are happy to buy. I proud to have my team solid and strong with me for the last 9-7-5 years, despite all the challenges that we had and we had a lot. As the news of TODAY, we have been awarded a contract to equip first 4 of 9 DSNG vehicles for the France Television along with our partner Metracom, with whom we are already working on delivery of the fleet of BFM TV.

What are the biggest challenges your sector is facing? 

High charges, very difficult employment market with the very expensive workforce that is forcing us to outsource. Inexistent investment possibilities for the IT companies. I have an impression that is easier opening a restaurant or a shop than to invest in ideas, concepts, new products.

If you could change one thing about your sector, what would it be? How could the Chamber of Commerce support you?

As the IT PME we could be more involved in the education of the young IT professionals. Current situation is that IT education in Luxembourg is service oriented and the young people are going out of the school ready to maintain and service the systems and to develop and innovate IT sector. (Please take a look at the program of the interns from the Luxembourg School of Commerce, we have it here in the office so we can show you). 

Chamber of Commerce can already help a lot if the engagement is personal and tailored per company. The close contact with the Chamber of Commerce people, like Ms. Simon Joachim and ODL team, or personal engagement of Mr. Lucien Bechtold helped me a lot to find some tools among many that Chamber of Commerce is offering. We cannot just be a name of the mailing list but each of us here is offering and needs something different. 

6 employees in Luxembourg (nationalities: Serbian, Belgian, Luxembourgish, Portuguese, Greek) / 6 developers in Serbia and Croatia that are working on project bases.
Business sector - activities:  Development of the monitoring and control software platform that allows supervision, alarming and control on any equipment or a third party software system
Turnover - sales: 650 000 in 2013, 550 000 in 2014 

Photos: Pierre Guersing