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Project Qatar - the largest and leading trade exhibition for Construction, Electricity and Environmental Technology in Qatar

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30.04.2012 - 03.05.2012
Doha (Qatar)


By boasting a record increase of 73% in the number of visitors and with 1.750 exhibitors occupying more than 224.000 sqm, Project Qatar has established itself as Qatar’s premier building show in the Middle East. Relying on the revenues of its oils and gas production, Qatar’s economy is once again expected to spectacularly grow in 2012. Aiming to diversify its economy, Qatar’s authorities will spend some 15 to 18 billions of dollars in developing new sectors (e.g. logistics, finances, health tech). The organization of the soccer World Cup Final’s in 2022 is estimated further boost Qatar’s construction sector.

Luxembourg will for the 1st time be presented at Project Qatar with a joined national pavilion organized by the Ministry of the Economy and Foreign Trade and the Chamber of Commerce.

For further information, please contact the International Department (Contact persons: Anne-Marie Loesch/Viviane Hoor - Tel: (+352) 42 39 39-312/315 - E-mail: international(at)

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