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EU Financial Services Law: How to satisfy internal governance and risk management requirements in the insurance and banking sector ?

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12.05.2014 - 13.05.2014
Fee: €850
Early registration €800


Target group

Representatives of regulatory and supervisory authorities in the banking and insurance sector; professionals from banking and insurance institutions who are in charge of legal and compliance functions; regulatory affairs managers in business and professional associations; academics; other professionals with an interest in the internal governance system for the financial sector will also benefit from the seminar.


This seminar will bring together the representatives of supervisory authorities and the banking and insurance industry to exchange their practices in relation to the application of internal governance rules. In particular, the seminar will provide participants with ample opportunities to examine market surveillance practices followed by supervisors, and different governance arrangements adopted by companies to satisfy supervisory requirements. Practical workshops and case studies should enable participants to gain a thorough insight into existing best practices, casting more light on concrete problems within the governance framework and solutions adopted to overcome these identified problems. Finally, the seminar should serve as a platform for discussion about the legal impact of governance and risk management rules, as well as possible challenges emerging from these rules for supervisors’ and companies’ practices.

Learning methodology

A balanced combination of workshops and case studies, presentations, Q&A sessions and panel discussions. Presentations and panel discussions will focus on common challenges and strategies for the insurance and banking sector, afternoon workshops will allow participants to consider the specific features of these two sectors.


This seminar aims to provide practical information on how to satisfy internal governance and risk management requirements for financial institutions. In addition, it should serve as a platform for the exchange of experience and information-sharing regarding the challenges faced when implementing governance rules and best practices adopted for mitigating risks and potential problems. During this seminar, experts from the insurance and banking industry, as well as from national supervisory authorities will discuss current requirements for internal governance policy in financial institutions, different responsibilities of control, as well as practices to be implemented by compliance managers to guarantee sound risk management and control functions in their companies. In this context, experiences gained to date and the question of proper balance between exercising effective prudential regulation and promoting innovation in the financial sector will also be discussed.

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