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ASEAN Day - Seminar on Doing business in ASEAN

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Chambre de Commerce Luxembourg
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The Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, in close cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, is organizing the ASEAN Day, which will take place on the 8th of May 2017 at the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce.

The European Union (EU) and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) are the two most advanced regional integration processes in the world. Both are committed to addressing issues through a multilateral approach, and both see regional integration as the most effective way to foster stability, build prosperity and address global challenges.

The year 2017 is a milestone in many ways – it marks the 40th Anniversary since the establishment of EU-ASEAN Dialogue Relations and 50 years since the establishment of ASEAN.

The ASEAN Day, aims of bringing together ASEAN Ambassadors, ASEAN Trade Attachés and experts in Europe and ASEAN capitals with private sector representatives from Luxembourg.

This day will contribute to the celebrations of the 40th Anniversary of the EU-ASEAN relations and provide a platform for ASEAN countries and Luxembourgish companies to exchange information and to explore business opportunities in the areas of digital technologies, financial, transport and logistics connectivity.

The EU is the world’s largest trading bloc, the biggest importer and exporter, and the biggest investor and recipient of foreign direct investments. The commercial and political ties between the EU and its partners in Southeast Asia have existed for centuries and have grown into what is today one of the most important exchanges of goods, services and investment in the world. Thus, the EU is today ASEAN’s second largest trading partner, while ASEAN ranks third among the EU’s top trading partner outside Europe.

In terms of population, the rapidly expanding middle-class consumers represent a strong purchasing potential for ASEAN’s future trade relations. With an average GDP growth rate of 5,3% it stood as the world’s third fastest growing economy, only behind China and India.

ASEAN and the EU, with their own dynamics, objectives and contexts, are probably the two most ambitious regional organizations in the world. This makes them natural partners with a lot to share and learn from each other’s experiences and approaches. The conclusion of bilateral free trade agreements (FTA) and eventually of an EU-ASEAN FTA will create new opportunities for both regions.

As connectivity is becoming a building block of Europe-Asia relations, Luxembourg, as one of the most open economies worldwide, wants to play a bigger role in establishing links between ASEAN and the EU. Luxembourg therefore aims to extend its connections with ASEAN, which already cover a wide range of sectors, ranging from industry to finance, fintech, logistics, information and communication technologies and many other channels of connectivity that contribute to the prosperity of our populations.

Interested companies are kindly requested to duly complete the linked registration form by no later than 5th of May 2017.

For any further information, please feel free to contact  Mr. Daniel Sahr or Ms. Anne-Catherine Fohl  (Email: daniel.sahr(at) / anne-catherine.fohl(at)  Tel: 423939-313 / 423939-372).

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