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ONLINE WORKSHOP : Go Digital - Introduction to e-commerce – ENG

Type de manifestation
Online workshop
12:00 PM to 2:00 PM



Regarding the growing risk of the COVID-19 virus spreading, we are obliged to offer all of our workshops digitally. All workshops planned at the House of Entrepreneurship will only be accessible online and will take place at the same time as planned. You will have the possibility to access this workshop, directly via your computer. The speaker with a microphone will share his screen so that you can view the presentation live.


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Level 1

Awareness-raising workshop : for those having little knowledge in the given topic.


What will you learn?

We have designed this workshop with an eye to chronology. We start with an introduction to e-commerce and the various options for selling online. We then go through the multitude of readily available e-commerce platforms and service providers, so that you know your options when choosing the right platform for your e-commerce business. We then take you through setting up the back end of your online shop, complete with a walk through the many integrations that your e-commerce website needs in order to function -- reporting, accounting, invoicing, shipping, analytics, etc. We gradually move to curating the front end of your e-commerce site, starting from selecting the right payment methods and gateways, to setting up products and services for online sales, then utilizing different delivery, fulfillment and distribution channels. We cover the most common issues that you will encounter while running an e-commerce business -- returns, refunds, disputes, fraudulent transactions, etc. At the end, we also touch upon GDPR, selling policies, taxations and regulations so you have a better understanding of the legal framework around an e-commerce business. 


Who is it for?

The workshop is geared towards people who would like to know more about e-commerce and consider starting an e-commerce business on their own.


About the workshop:

This workshop will walk you through the basics of e-commerce, explaining everything you need to know about the process of setting up and running a functioning e-commerce business. It will focus on all the systems, processes, and details you will need in order to “set up shop” – to be able to organize, start and take your online business off the ground.


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