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ONLINE WORKSHOP by the House of Startups : #ReAct - Wake-Up Call & Opportunities For #Startups

Type de manifestation
Online workshop
11:30 - 12:30


HoST's Lunch & Learn Webinar #7

"COVID-19: Wake-Up Call & Opportunities For Startups?" w/ Raymond Schadeck

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The HoST’s usual Lunch & Learn sessions are turning into webinars!

As the current situation evolves, The House of Startups Luxembourg has decided to turn its usual Lunch & Learn session into webinars tackling different topics that could help your startup during these challenging times.


Description of the talk:
In a couple of recent articles - April 2 & 14 Raymond has shared his hope that the post Covid-19 world will not be the same anymore. Such hopes are mainly driven by his conviction that our basic values which drive us as humans but also play a key role in our investor and consumer decisions, will have substantially evolved.

In this webinar we will challenge Raymond on such views but most of all get his thoughts on the challenges but also the, in his opinion, huge opportunities such changes entail for start-ups in the technology and sustainability sectors; if they manage to adjust their strategies accordingly.

Don't forget, the webinar will at 11.30am, so please try to make it on time.

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The Lunch & Learn sessions provide you with an opportunity to exchange with experts and network with the Luxembourg startup ecosystem. The Lunch & Learn at the HoST is an initiative of the House of Startups Luxembourg which is part of Groupe Chambre de Commerce du Luxembourg.