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Go Digital - Introduction to SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Type de manifestation
Conférence/Séminaire/Table ronde
3:30 PM - 5:30 PM
House of Entrepreneurship | 14 Rue Erasme | 1468 Luxembourg



Now that everything's connected and most buying decisions start online, optimizing your website for search engine optimization is more than necessary. During this workshop, Laurent will introduce SEO, help you understand how it works and most importantly, what you should and shouldn't do. We will share the methods and techniques to present your website in the results pages and ensure the best SEO. As an extra, Laurent will also guide you through the keyword research process.

At the end of the workshop, you will be able to rank better on Google and thus generate more traffic on your website, increasing your visibility and differentiating you from your competitors.


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The Chamber of Commerce car park (7 rue Alcide de Gasperi - Kirchberg, 2981 Luxembourg) is at your disposal free of charge.



Laurent LUCIUS

House of Entrepreneurship – One-Stop Shop

14, rue Erasme, L-1468 Luxembourg


T: (+352) 42 39 39 - 857



House of Entrepreneurship – One-Stop Shop

14, rue Erasme, L-1468 Luxembourg


T: (+352) 42 39 39 - 871




Conférence/Séminaire/Table ronde
Réunion et débats entre professionnels