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Recent and Planned Changes to the Law on Immigration of August 29th, 2008 regarding Employment of Non-EU/EEA/CH Master’s and PhD Graduates of the University Luxembourg

Type de manifestation
Conférence/Séminaire/Table ronde
Salle Paul Feidert, Campus Kirchberg, 6, rue Richard Coudenhouve-Kalergi


The Law on Immigration of 29th August, 2008 regarding the employment of graduates of the University of Luxembourg is changing.  In addition, the Luxembourg Parliament has now before it a bill that provides for the extension of residence permits of Master’s and PhD graduates for the purpose of looking for employment in Luxembourg.

The links to the above changes in law and the draft law are precised below. The University of Luxembourg believes they will have a positive effect on the ability to employ non-EU/EEY/CH graduates of Master’s and PhD study courses. (Kindly note that these changes do not concern internships.)

The University of Luxembourg invites all HR people to an Information Session (in English). Present at this information session will be representatives from the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance of the University of Luxembourg, representatives from the Immigration Directorate of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, and a representative from the Employment Development Agency (ADEM), see hereafter the details.

The University of Luxembourg looks forward to welcoming partners to this event. Partners are kindly requested to register to the event at the following link:

Links to Recent and Planned Changes in Law on Immigration of August 29, 2008

  1. Law on Immigration of 29th August, 2008
  2. Law of 8th March 2017 amending the Law on Immigration of 29th August, 2008
  3. Bill to amend the Law on Immigration of 29th August, 2008
    (Bill 7188 before the Luxembourg Parliament)
    (Note in particular Paragraph 29 of changes introduced in Article 1 (Page 10 of Draft Law))
Conférence/Séminaire/Table ronde
Réunion et débats entre professionnels